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Affiliated with
St Augustines C of E

Affiliated with
St Augustines C of E

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Welcome to Thorpedene Primary School.      Important news on our Stowaways (guinea pigs) click here . . .     Our Golden Rules:    . . .  We are gentle  . . .  We are kind and helpful  . . .  We listen  . . .  We are honest  . . .  We work hard  . . .  We look after property. 


Adventure Island

We are still selling Adventure Island wrist bands during the school holidays.

You can contact the P.A. directly via Facebook, Twitter or mobile 07812 674157

The price of the bands are:

Big Adventure Bands (Blue Bands) £15 each

Junior Adventure Bands (Red/Green) £12 each

Our bands can be used on day of purchase or they can be saved for later use.

Adventure island sell these bands on their website but they can NOT be used on day of purchase and the costs are £21 for the Blue bands…

Stop Press… Children’s University Activity


The Essex Woodland Centre in Belfairs Park has nature activities and is a lot of fun but if you can’t get there you can do some activities on-line. Click this link, read about what you can do, and take your evidence to the next Passport Control where one of the Children’s University Team will stamp your passport.


News from Thorpedene Children’s University Team


How can I get stamps on my passport at Thorpedene?

There are lots of clubs in the lunch hour and after school (and some before school!) which are free – all of them will stamp your passport for you for the hours you have already done this year:

Children’s University Update


We are really pleased that you are being so enthusiastic with getting your passports stamped. Remember you get a stamp for every hour of activity, so if your club lasts less than an hour you won’t necessarily get a stamp each week.

Headteacher’s Homework 25th March 2014

Headteacher’s Homework March 2014 St. George

Newsletter 21st March 2014

Newsletter 21st March No 45

Wednesday 26th March

School is open as usual

Drama Workshop During Arts Enrichment Week

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Adventure Island wrist bands are now available from the school office, or by contacting the P.A. directly via Facebook or Twitter

The price of the bands are:

Big Adventure Bands (Blue Bands) £15 each

Junior Adventure Bands (Red/Green) £12 each

Adventure island will be putting their on-line prices up next month to £21 for the Blue bands and £15 for the junior bands, so the cheapest place to get your wrist bands will be from the Thorpedene Parents’ Association.

Dance Festival (7th March)

Please click on the link below for photographs of the Dance Festival

Dance Festival photos

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