Dear Parents, Governors, Staff and Headteachers
I hope you all had a good half term break and managed to enjoy the extraordinary weather for this time of year?
The children and young people all seem to have settled well back at school having had a restful holiday – even if it was not the same for parents!
SECAT has been in existence now for some 2 ½ years with schools joining the Trust at different points. Many aspects have changed, as has education generally, and this is likely to continue. Having a full-time CEO at this point in the Trust’s development has been a key driver in moving forward the work of the previous CEO, Mark Schofield.
I have been working with Trustees and Headteachers to gather information about what is needed and/or desired by schools as we move into the next stage of development. There is much to celebrate within SECAT. All of schools have currently been deemed good or better by Ofsted, meaning that the children and young people who attend our schools are getting a ‘good’ education. We have six Headteachers in position who know their schools and are supportive of each other. We have committed governors in our local governing body meetings, who dedicate their free time to support the schools they serve.
I have gathered information from a variety of sources and means including: meetings with Headteachers, chairs of governors, trustees; development days with staff and governors; visits to schools to see the work they do day after day, and of course speaking to the children and young people. All of the information that has been sought has been fed into the final plan.
From the information collected, the MAT Strategic Plan for the next 3 years has now been approved by Trustees and is attached for your interest. It is a lengthy plan which details all of the strategic aims and the operational actions.
You will see a number of actions on the plan where the intention is to share and celebrate good practice from both within the MAT and externally. The most important aim is to ensure that the children and young people in our schools and community benefit from the work we do as a Trust – that includes the schools’ individual work and the work of SECAT as a whole. Many of you have spoken to me about this from what you have read in the ½ termly CEO newsletter, which aims to celebrate the work of all of the schools in the Trust.

I look forward to seeing you again – for some of you – and to those I have not yet met, I will now build in even more opportunities to do so.
Kind regards,

Ruth Brock, CEO

To find out more, you can read SECATs strategic Three Year plan here.