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Science Experiment in Year 2

In Science Year 2 have been learning about materials and their properties. This week we looked at what an insulator is and what material is good at keeping ice from melting.  ...

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Firefighting in Year 2

This week in Year 2 we had a visitor from the Essex Fire Fighters. We learnt facts about the Great Fire of London, how the fire started, how it spread and how it was put out. We took turns to use buckets of water similar to what they would have used in 1666 to put the...

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Now Press Play…

We have really enjoyed using our new system, Now Press Play. Everyone had their own individual set of headphones to listen to an interactive story. We acted out the story of a child looking for his lost cat during the Great Fire of London, meeting the famous diarist...

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Baking Bread in Year 2

In DT we have been baking bread. We followed the instructions as a group to make our dough using flour, water and yeast. We then really enjoyed getting sticky while we kneaded the dough! After giving the dough a chance to rise, we added some ingredients to give it...

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Maths in Year 2

In Year 2, we have exploring the different ways that we can represent 2 digit numbers. We have written numbers in words and in digits, and broken them down into how many tens and ones it contains. We have then partitioned the number using arrow cards, Numicon, Base...

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