This year our Year 6 Rounder’s team competed in the SSCO Borough Rounder’s Competition. We started in a group of 4 knowing we must finish top or second place to get into the quarter final. We progressed into the quarter final as we only lost one of our group games. We played Bournemouth Park in the quarters and won by one rounder. Our fielding was excellent throughout the day. In the semi-final we played Earls Hall again and due to our impressive fielding we kept their score down to just 2 and a half rounder’s, unfortunately we were not able to score the 3 rounder’s required. We then had our final game which was the 3rd place play off against Heycroft. We managed to score 4 and a half rounder’s and Heycroft where on 4 rounder’s with 1 ball left knowing nothing but a rounder would win the game. Unfortunately for us they managed to get the rounder and won the game. Well done Year 6 you were excellent