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Girls Football Cup Winners Cup Winners!!!

Our year 5 & 6 girls played West Leigh at Roots Hall for their Cup Winners Cup match. As we were winners of our league we had to play the winners of the other league for the Cup Winners Cup. We started the game great and were quick off the mark as we went 1-0 up within the first 5 minutes, the first half was a tight game and we went in at half time 1-0 up. The second half West Leigh came out fast and scored an equalizer within the first 10 minutes of the half. The game stayed 1-1 until the final whistle with both teams having good chances to win the game, this meant the game would go into extra time 5 minutes a half. With 3 minutes left Adrianna broke and scored a great solo goal giving us a 2-1 lead, the next 2 minutes were tense as West Leigh threw everything at us fortunately we defended the game out fantastically and won the game 2-1. The girls have had a great season not losing a game all year. Well done girls on all your success this year.

Thorpedene Girls Football Team Win Against Darlinghurst 2-1

On Monday afternoon we played our home league fixture against Darlinghurst Academy. Going into the game we knew a win would give us a fantastic opportunity to win the league. The girls started slow and went 1-0 down early on, this kicked the girls into life and we then had plenty of possession and created lots of chances. Just before half time Zoe scored a fantastic goal lobbing the goalkeeper making it 1-1 at half time. We started the second half fast and scored an early goal through Taffy making it 2-1, we then had multiple chances to score again and kill the game off. Unfortunately we couldn’t find the third goal but we didn’t concede and won the game 2-1. We now have the opportunity to win the league if we maintain our success.

Well done girls

Thorpedene Girls Football Team Win Against Westborough 1-0

On Friday we travelled to the Len Forge Centre to play our league fixture against Westborough School. Going into the game we knew it would be difficult as Westborough finished third in the girls football competition and had a strong team. The girls had been working hard in training though and we were more than confident with our abilities to come away with a positive result. We started the game in a positive manner taking the game to Westborough with a few early chances from Zoe and Taffy.  Then just before half time Taffy scored a great goal to make it 1-0. Again the second half we started brightly and had some great chances to increase our lead, as the half went on we had to defend and ensure we came away with the victory, fortunately the girls defended extremely well and kept them out meaning we won 1-0.

Well done girls.


Pupil Voice – Sports For Schools Day and Sport Relief

The children really enjoyed the activities on Sport for Schools Day and Sport Relief.  Here are some of their comments on the days activities.

“I found the sporting activities fun and would like another event like this.” Archie, Year 6

“I thought it was beneficial to get our muscles working and it was enjoyable to take part in multiple activities during the obstacle course. Gianni Frankis was amazing in the assembly.” Faye, Year 6

 “I was excited and happy that the teachers put all their work into it for us.” Bailey Year 6

 “I liked Sport Relief because I thought it was really good fun and it was beneficial to our fitness.” Taylor, Year 6

“I enjoyed the day because it all the helpers encouraged me to pass through the stations.” Rosie Cole Year 6

 “ It was fun because I got to learn how to jump the hurdles.” Oliver Major, Year 6

 “We got to do lots of sports in one day!” Halimat Khalif, Year 6

 “It was fun working and supporting the little children and seeing how good they were.” Ella Chable,  Year 6

 “The day was really good and you get to do leg and arm work and the music encouraged me.” Pyper, Year 3

 “I liked dribbling the ball through hoops because I love football.” Kian, Year 3

 “I liked doing press-ups as they make you stronger.” Lilly-Mae, Year 3


Sport Relief & Sport For Schools Day

On Friday, 16th March 2018, Thorpedene Primary School had a day of sporting activities and managed to raise nearly £300 for Sport Relief. Children took part in a mile long obstacle course on the field (the weather was perfect) and had to complete as many as they could in 45 minutes. Meanwhile in Starboard Hall, two international athletes took the children through a gruelling but thoroughly enjoyable fitness circuit followed by a special assembly in the afternoon. The assembly wasn’t just an opportunity for the children to hear about sport but also for them to reflect on what it takes to be a successful athlete and how we can use our Growth Mindset skills to help us to achieve. Children and staff really enjoyed the day and this has served as an excellent warm-up for our Healthy Week in June!

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Cross Country Success

This year for the first time Thorpedene entered the Thorpe Hall Cross Country Relay, we took 5 teams of 4 across three year groups (years  3, 4 and 5). Throughout the afternoon we had some great results with 3 out of the 5 teams finishing second within their races and one team finishing third. We really have had some fantastic results this year within cross country, the students have really responded well to training and competitions. First up were our Year 3 boys who competed brilliantly in each leg with our first 2 runners getting us into the top 3 as the race went on we managed to hold on to 3rd place which was a great result for the boys. We then had our Year 3 girls who again got off to a great start being within the top 6. By the time we got to our last runner we were sitting in 4th place with 3rd place within our sights, our last runner went off like a train overtaking 3rd and was hunting down 2nd unfortunately our last runner went off too fast and couldn’t maintain that speed, well done girls. We then had both Year 4 boys and girls who both finished in 2nd place with 4 great runs from each team. Both teams worked extremely hard for each other and both were extremely close to winning their races. Finally we had both our Year 5 teams again both teams finishing in second place. Both teams showed amazing determination and grit to get 2nd. The run of the day came from Skye Brook in the Year 5 girls race who got her team from 5th to 2nd in her final leg.

 Well done to all 20 students who participated.


Girls Football Competition

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On Friday we participated in the years 5 & 6 football competition which was held at the Len Forge Centre, Eastwood.  We had a squad of 8 who had trained well leading up to the competition, throughout the day we won 4 games drew 2 games and lost 2.  Again we got put into a difficult group and played Bournes Green and West Leigh’s first. The first game we lost 1-0 which I felt was harsh on our girls as we played some good football and were unlucky to lose the game. The second game we lost 2-0 to a very good side who went on to win the competition. The next 6 games the girls were unbeaten winning 4 and drawing 2, we played some great football and scored some lovely goals. We managed to win the group in the afternoon after winning 3 games in a row.

Well done girls


Tag Rugby Competition

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Last Wednesday we took part in a tag rugby competition being held at Southend Rugby club. We had a squad of 11 who were experiencing  their first time playing in a tag rugby competition.  The whole reason for participating in the competition was for the children to gain experience in match environments and learn as we progressed through the competition. We had a difficult group and unfortunately didn’t manage to get through the group to the super 10s however throughout the day improved massively and learnt plenty along the way. Well done Thorpedene.


Cross Country 2017

Last Wednesday Thorpedene competed in this year’s Cross Country competition which was held at Garons. We travelled with a full squad of 48 children taking part in the event, throughout the day we had some fantastic results and some great team scores. Each race had 28 schools involved with over 150 students competing in each race. Some of our best individual results: 

Skye Brook Year 5 finishing 8th

Ole Richards Year 5 finishing 12th

Alex Newman Year 6 finishing 17th

Finley Kemp Year 4 Finishing 18th

Harrison Year 3 Finishing 19th

 We had many students finishing in the top 30 of the races.

Each year group had both boys and girls team results, every team except for 2 finished in the top half of the table and most teams in the top 10, making our results this year fantastic. Each team was scored and put into a 28 team table, here are our teams scores.

Year 3 boys finished 8th out of 28

Year 3 Girls finished 16th out of 28

Year 4 boys finished 8th out of 28

Year 4 girls finished 9th out of 28

Year 5 boys finished 12th out of 28

Year 5 girls finished 10th out of 28

Year 6 boys finished 10th out of 28

Year 6 Girls finished 20th out of 28

 Well done to all students for their hard work at lunchtimes and within clubs the hard work really paid off.

Table Tennis Tournament 27th Sept

Thorpedene participated in their first competition of the school year on Wednesday by travelling to Thorpe Hall School and competing in this years boys and girls table tennis competitions. The boys competed in the morning with the girls competing in the afternoon.

The boys started their competition with a match against Chalkwell School, David got the team off to a great start by winning his match 11-7.  Unfortunately the boys only won one of the next three matches meaning we drew our opening game 2-2. The next four matches the boys played we managed to get 1 win, 1 draw and 2 losses.  The standard of table tennis in this competition was extremely high with a few of the schools having national players within their teams. Well done boys.

The girls participated in the afternoon again having five games to play within their groups. First up was Bournemouth Park and Adrianna got the team off to a great start by winning her match 11-8.  Unfortunately the next two games were extremely close but we just missed out and were 2-1 down with one game to play. Taffy played the last game and was fantastic winning her game 11-5  meaning we had gained a point drawing the match 2-2. The next four games we won 1 drew 2 and lost 1. Again the standard in this competition was extremely high the girls should be proud of themselves for competing so well. Well done girls.


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