Reception Visit Nevyll Court

A few children from Reception went to Nevyll Court on Tuesday, sharing some books with the adults who reside there, as well as sharing their garden with us so that we could help water their plants. [gallery type="slideshow" link="none" size="full"...

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Outdoor Learning In EYFS

Thorpedene are being as active outdoors as ever and exploring and creating in their EYFS garden. We've even been in the Echo sharing what we get up to outside. You can read the article here:...

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Spending Time In Reception…

We have had an amazing week in Reception focusing on our Growth Mindset and Jigsaw for our PHSE. We have been working so hard to try and be positive in our learning environment. Thinking of different ways we can change our Mindset if we find something tricky to do. We...

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Puffins Visit 5L

Puffins were very lucky to be invited to 5L Friday afternoon for golden time. We went to listen to their Boxing Clever read by some of the class. Puffins were in awe when listening to the story about a Space Rocket which had crashed landed in Space. 5L had ended their...

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New Year in Reception

We are back! Reception have had a fabulous start to 2018 spending the last 8 days surprising their teachers with the amazing work they have been producing. We have been exploring our new focus author - Nick Butterworth and the children have completed some mind maps...

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A Busy Week in Reception

So December has approached us and we are continuing to work hard in all reception classes. This week we have been measuring in maths. We have used lots of measuring tools and went around each classroom to see how tall and short our equipment is. We were very lucky to...

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