The children really enjoyed the activities on Sport for Schools Day and Sport Relief.  Here are some of their comments on the days activities.

“I found the sporting activities fun and would like another event like this.” Archie, Year 6

“I thought it was beneficial to get our muscles working and it was enjoyable to take part in multiple activities during the obstacle course. Gianni Frankis was amazing in the assembly.” Faye, Year 6

 “I was excited and happy that the teachers put all their work into it for us.” Bailey Year 6

 “I liked Sport Relief because I thought it was really good fun and it was beneficial to our fitness.” Taylor, Year 6

“I enjoyed the day because it all the helpers encouraged me to pass through the stations.” Rosie Cole Year 6

 “ It was fun because I got to learn how to jump the hurdles.” Oliver Major, Year 6

 “We got to do lots of sports in one day!” Halimat Khalif, Year 6

 “It was fun working and supporting the little children and seeing how good they were.” Ella Chable,  Year 6

 “The day was really good and you get to do leg and arm work and the music encouraged me.” Pyper, Year 3

 “I liked dribbling the ball through hoops because I love football.” Kian, Year 3

 “I liked doing press-ups as they make you stronger.” Lilly-Mae, Year 3