SEND Support at Thorpedene

At Thorpedene, there is a range of staff to support all children, including those with additional needs. These staff include the Inclusion Manager, school SENCo, Class Teachers, LSA’s and Learning Mentors.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding your child, please talk to the class teacher in the first instance (Following the schools ‘Who to talk to if you have a concern’ flow chart) or alternatively contact the office and request a conversation with Mrs S.Butler, SENCo.

If you would like any further information on the admission of pupils with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities, please either see our Local Offer Page for details or see the below policies:

• SEND policy
• Disability Equality Accessibility Policy
• Intimate care policy

Key Information:

As of September 1st 2014, a new SEN code of practice was introduced.

The changes made ensure that the provision of support is now more effective and gives all children the best possible life chances.

With high class, quality-first teaching that our school provides and focused interventions, the support that can be provided in class and through general teaching to ensure progress for all pupils.

SEND support allows additional provision to those children who have ‘significantly greater difficulty in learning that the majority of others of the same age’.

Those who need to ‘catch up’ in some areas will be supported in class and will not necessarily need an ISP (individual support plan)

The identification ladder (below) shows the clear progression in how children will be reviewed and assessed for need to ensure support is put in place at the appropriate levels, for children both with and without SEND.

Key Vocabulary:

There has been a change in the names of the SEN provision codes. SEN Support has taken the place of School Action and School Action Plus.

Statements are now called Education and Health Care Plans (EHCP’s) and within the next year, all statements should have converted, to ensure all agencies and services work together to support your children. Parents of children with current statements will be informed when their child’s statement is due to transfer and be invited into planning meetings to support the transfer.

ISPs (Individual Support Plans) have replaced IEPs (Individual Education Plans). These plans are more detailed than former plans and focus on the outcomes we (and the children) want to achieve to make progress, allowing a more child centred focus on support and needs.



Please click here for SEND Report Sept 2017