I would like to say a massive congratulations to students who have progressed to the second phase for diving, this is a massive achievement as over 2500 students were tested within the area and these students have made it into the last 250. Letters will be handed out today explaining the details for phase 2. The testing will be held at Southend leisure and tennis centre (Garons) on Saturday 13th May and Sunday 14th May. Well done to the following students:

Year 2:                                                                Year 3:                                              Year 4:

Pyper Nicholson                                               Jack Thornton                                 Anna Hayward

Rhea Ball                                                            Brooke Halsley                              Chloe Kephadeg

Rocco Morgan                                                   Gracie-Mai Humphrey

Stanley Irwin                                                      Milly Sale

Olly Curno                                                         

Cameron Stuart Ashby                                     

Dylan Crow                                                         

Harrison Muchakwaya