This year for the first time Thorpedene entered the Thorpe Hall Cross Country Relay, we took 5 teams of 4 across three year groups (years  3, 4 and 5). Throughout the afternoon we had some great results with 3 out of the 5 teams finishing second within their races and one team finishing third. We really have had some fantastic results this year within cross country, the students have really responded well to training and competitions. First up were our Year 3 boys who competed brilliantly in each leg with our first 2 runners getting us into the top 3 as the race went on we managed to hold on to 3rd place which was a great result for the boys. We then had our Year 3 girls who again got off to a great start being within the top 6. By the time we got to our last runner we were sitting in 4th place with 3rd place within our sights, our last runner went off like a train overtaking 3rd and was hunting down 2nd unfortunately our last runner went off too fast and couldn’t maintain that speed, well done girls. We then had both Year 4 boys and girls who both finished in 2nd place with 4 great runs from each team. Both teams worked extremely hard for each other and both were extremely close to winning their races. Finally we had both our Year 5 teams again both teams finishing in second place. Both teams showed amazing determination and grit to get 2nd. The run of the day came from Skye Brook in the Year 5 girls race who got her team from 5th to 2nd in her final leg.

 Well done to all 20 students who participated.