Last Wednesday Thorpedene competed in this year’s Cross Country competition which was held at Garons. We travelled with a full squad of 48 children taking part in the event, throughout the day we had some fantastic results and some great team scores. Each race had 28 schools involved with over 150 students competing in each race. Some of our best individual results: 

Skye Brook Year 5 finishing 8th

Ole Richards Year 5 finishing 12th

Alex Newman Year 6 finishing 17th

Finley Kemp Year 4 Finishing 18th

Harrison Year 3 Finishing 19th

 We had many students finishing in the top 30 of the races.

Each year group had both boys and girls team results, every team except for 2 finished in the top half of the table and most teams in the top 10, making our results this year fantastic. Each team was scored and put into a 28 team table, here are our teams scores.

Year 3 boys finished 8th out of 28

Year 3 Girls finished 16th out of 28

Year 4 boys finished 8th out of 28

Year 4 girls finished 9th out of 28

Year 5 boys finished 12th out of 28

Year 5 girls finished 10th out of 28

Year 6 boys finished 10th out of 28

Year 6 Girls finished 20th out of 28

 Well done to all students for their hard work at lunchtimes and within clubs the hard work really paid off.