Congratulations to the following children who received certificates in their assembly this week for demonstrating a core value of the school.

Oliver and Max from Kingfishers, Tiana and Pippa from Swans,

Rafael ad Kiela from 2B, Kadan and Jessica from 2SC, Jenson and Calleigh-Jae from 2T.

Sharon and Reagan from 3N, Regan and Dylan from 3M,

Tristan and Grace from 4T, Mark and Dulcie fro 4F, Rebeca and Gracie-Mai from 4P.

Lacey and Hettie from 5L, Ole and Gage from 5S, Ben and Ole from 5W.

Cake and Rosie from 6E, Ella and Bailey from 6L, Brodie and George from 6C.