Congratulations to the following children who received certificates in their assembly this week for demonstrating a core value of the school.

Charlie and Harry from 1B, Leo and Louisa from 1L, Olivia S and Oliver M from 1R.

Jenson and Ella from 2T, Blake and Rohima from 2SC, Jaime-Leigh and Ledion from 2B.

Rhea and Dylan from 3M, Adam and Alfie from 3D, Sharon and Ayla from 3N

Patryk and Tinaye from 4F, Louie and Eden from 4T, Bradley, Rebeca and Thomas from 4P.

Lacie, Jack and Lacey from 5L, Ezekiel and Skye from 5S,

AJ and Bailey from 6C, Taffy and Alex from 6E, MArk Jessica and Alexa from 6S