Congratulations to the following children who received certificates in their assembly this week for demonstrating a core value of the school.

Rachel and Jack from Puffins, Ava-Leigh and Jensen from Kingfishers,

Kiela and Amy from Starfish, Alfie and Lilian from Jellyfish, Gavin and Frankie from Seahorses.

Jazz and Alfie from Beagle, Reagan and Hollie from Britannia,

Chloe and Tristan from Challenger, Rebeca and Jack from Pinta, Henrique and Nicoly from Enterprise.

Oliver and Antonio from Apollo, Hettie from Invincible, Frankie and Charlie from Bounty Maths, Lilly and Isaac from Discovery

Halimat and Alex from Frobisher, Ellis and Ella from Drake, Deni and Rachael from Barrington.

Kyle and Cole from Columbus, Zak and Beth from Stirling, Tilly and Morgan from Nelson.