Congratulations to the following children who received certificates in their assembly this week for demonstrating a core value of the school.

Tommy and Jayden-James from Puffins, Lilly-May and Mia from Kingfishers.

Xavier and Ella-Rose from Starfish, Faith and Justin from Jellyfish, Alice and Charley from Seahorses.

Rhea and Alfie from Beagle, Mitchell and Summer-Rose from Warrior, Charlotte and Ayla from Britannia.

Luke and Eiman from Challenger, Madison and Kyle from Enterprise,

Ismaeel and Charlotte from Apollo, Sean and Hettie from Invincible, Ben and Callum from Bounty,

Kyle and Leon from Frobisher, Archie and Jessica from Drake, Deni-Lou and Joatham from Barrington.

Destiny and Kaitlyn from Columbus, Harry and Eleanor from Stirling, Archie and Deacon from Nelson.