Academy Status

Academy Conversion

Following agreement by the Governors, our school converted to Academy Status on as 1st September 2016.

For detailed information click on the link below:

Parent Consultation letter for Academy status


School Academy  – FAQ’s

 The vision for Thorpedene will not change, it is very much about being part of the Community.

9 out of 10 children from Thorpedene go to Shoebury High.

Currently we are a foundation school, this means:

  • The Governing body has control
  • Local Authority (LA) has responsibility for monitoring the quality of learning

Last summer all schools in the area began to be encouraged to form MATS (Multi Academy Trusts)

We were already part of Shoebury Education Partnership and working with other schools in the area (including Shoebury High and Hinguar) where we share good practice, information and training.


  • Save Money that can be used for the children’s benefit
  • Curriculum – linking primary & secondary
  • Benefit all pupils
  • More opportunities of joint working e.g. music/art project
  • Learn from experts in science/sports/language
  • Better outcomes
  • Improved moving from primary to secondary
  • Use of Shoebury facilities e.g. productions in their halls and sports

What difference Parents will see

  • Same building
  • Same uniforms
  • Same teachers
  • Same Governors
  • Day to day running of the school won’t change
  • More opportunities eg tap into the whole department for modern foreign languages at Shoebury.


Questions from parents

Q) Will school and term times change?

A) No, we could have done this as a foundation school and haven’t.


Q) Admissions – will they change

A) We could potentially suggest changes and then put them out for consultation with the community. But it wouldn’t just happen.


Q) Do we have to share our money?

A) No we still have our own pot of money


Q) Will there be curriculum changes?

A) The tests will remain the same, so logically the curriculum will stay within these areas to make sure the children are best prepared. But there will be scope to extend it. Schools within the MAT support each other to make sure their standards are as high as they can be.


Q) Can other schools join the MAT?

A) Yes, it is set out that up to 2 other primary schools could join, but they may not.